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Saysha Dragonsong Wolfe
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United States
Hi my name is saysha but I'm also known as panther or wolf. I believe i was reincarnated from a lycanthrope wolf. I love all animals and that's why I became a vegan for animal rights. My lycan spirit thrives within me! I love to read books especially romances. I love the outdoors and going in the woods. Can't get enough nature wrestleing in he grass is another big thing for me to do when I find the right opponent. I also love to draw and I write lots of poems. If you have questions feel free to ask I love a good condo!


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So I'm a tele counselor that tries to get student interested in colleges… I basically sit around all day and do nothing… Just a short description of what I do now. I work 6 days a week. I have saturdays off but work Sundays instead. Prom is this coming Saturday and I really hope to be prom queen, but I really doubt I will, because I'm not populat or liked very well… I can still be the wolf lycan queen! What's a queen with no subjects though :P
My mate probably won't come to prom just like last year when he stood me up and right before prom told me he had no intentions of going and never did even after I planned wince February to go with him… I'll still purchase him a flower and knowing him he won't get me one so I will get my own flower. He didn't want to buy his ticket so I bought it there goes $50 down the drain probably… There will be no dinner date which made me pretty sad, because I wanted to go on a dinner date really bad… I'll probably be a lonely wolf and cry all night without putting a paw on the dance floor like last year…
Also on Saturday I will get my fur trimmed which is always fun I like how they kind of pet my fur in the process, but I never tell them of course or they would freak out…. So getting flowers, getting fur trimmed and preparing to be the most attractive wolf lycan queen I can be. My mate doesn't seem to appreciate when  try to look my best for him or when I do little things it's like he brushes it off… I don't know what to do anymore I guess just go with the flow on that part…
As far as apartment  news goes I will need a co-signer to get my new lease and guess what… I have no co-signer to help me. Dan won't co-sign even if he did he wouldn't because he has terrible credit. My neighbor friend can't due to have terrible credit and my Grandparents won't even consider the option.. So basically I am between a rock and a hard please at the moment… No co-singer no lease, no apartment, no where to live… God damn why does this have to happen to me all this stuff. The next week will be a very difficult nasty one, because Dan goes to court tomorrow for not paying the bills which will 99.99% end in him being evicted along with me in the next week…
My attitude I guess is enjoy my prom while I can then have a shitty miserable life afterwards… I wish I had someone to co-sign…. And another bad thing is I have to wait about 3 weeks to even get my first pay check in the mail… It is supposed to be direct deposit, but it takes them a while to set it up… Dan steals my mail on occasion so that is a very worrying matter plus I don't even know if I will have a place to live in 3 weeks…
Maybe this is part of my punishment from the god and goddess…. Okay I know it is… Who knows how much longer this punishment will last… I've been being punished for 18 years. THe moment I was reborn into this human body was when my punishment began and I have a feeling it will end when this heart stops beating…

-Saysha D Wofle
The situation is getting worse… Now Dan has to go to court on Friday, because the apartments are suing him because he didn't pay rent… What I don't understand is that February and March he was int eh psych ward for a week out of each month. February and March my grandma paid rent… After Dan got out of the hospital he went straight back to work for the next 3 weeks out of the month… so 2 months of that 3 weeks each… 6 weeks of pay just disappeared! I know where it went.. INto smoking, drinking and drugs… That's how irresponsible of an idiot I live with… 
With the way it's going it is more than likely we will be kicked out in about 2 weeks… This is great just after I got a job… I am missing school time to go to my job…  ANd this crap happens… It's odd because I am used to being in chaos I have had chaos all my life and when everything is calm and nice I miss chaos in a way… I think it's because I've been conditioned to it, but at this point this is too much for me to handle! Graduation, Worrying about a place to live, job, and surviving in general, along with college plans.. I'm about to pop from all this pressure on me… 

-Saysha D Wolfe

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Ty for the llama badge, I'm sorry that I am ignorant but what does llama badge mean? :)
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it's a gift given to artist from other artist that like their art, i am saying i like your art
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Thanks for Llama
thanks for the llama you awesome person you c:
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no problem llama for great artist
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Thank you for the Llama!! Love 
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